Decision Maker
Use This Tool To Aid Your Decision Making

  1. - Consider your problem or your objective
  2. - List your options below
  3. - Press enter on your keyboard
  4. - This tool automatically generates a decision for you!

The tool above is a basic decision-maker tool. It automatically selects an option from the various choices you have inputted.

A decision-maker tool is a type of software/tool/technique that helps users make decisions. It provides a framework for users to make better decisions and provides them with relevant insights like what are the possible outcomes, what are the possible choices and why should one of those choices be chosen.

In other words, these decision-maker tools are an assistant that can help decision-makers make a choice by providing comprehensive information on their options. In order to make an informed decision, they should be able to analyze the options in detail and understand the consequences of each option.

Below are some popular tools/techniques used for decision making;

SWOT Diagram
SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Diagram is a tool used by managers to identify their company’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps them to assess the current state of the business and where they can improve.

Decision Making Diagram
A decision making diagram is a useful tool for all sorts of decisions. It helps to visualize the various options, challenges and benefits associated with every decision and it helps to decide which option(s) to choose.

Decision Matrix
Decision Matrix is a decision making tool that helps you to make decisions based on your inputs. It uses algorithms to determine the most suitable option for you.

Pareto Analysis
Pareto Analysis is a statistical technique that is used to determine the most important or most influential factors in a given situation.

Break-even Analysis
A break-even analysis is a method of calculating the cost of an investment. It is a method of calculating the cost of an investment. It is useful to compare different investments and determine which ones are most likely to pay off.

Cause and Effect or Ishikawa Diagram
Cause and Effect or Ishikawa Diagram is a diagram that shows the relationship between cause and effect. The cause can be anything, but the effect has to be something. The relationship between these two things has to be clear and obvious.

Pugh Matrix
The Pugh Matrix is a tool for organizing and prioritizing ideas. It organizes ideas into categories and groups them in order of importance. The Pugh Matrix is not a tool to be used by the general public, but it is a good way to organize thoughts and ideas that are not necessarily related to your daily work.

Some of the benefits of using decision maker tools are as follows:

- It helps decision makers visualize and prioritize their decisions based on different criteria.

- It provides information about a specific topic in a condensed way so that it can be made easier for them to make a professional choice without wasting time.

- It keeps track of the decisions made by the decision maker so that he or she can avoid repeating mistakes.

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