HEX To RGB & HSL Color Converter

Hex colors are a numerical system for identifying/generating colors. They use three colors to identify a color’s hue, saturation, and value. These colors can be combined to create different shades of the same color.

A hex color is a color with six different values in the red, green, and blue spectrum. The hexadecimal system combinations can be used to generate more than 16 million colors.

RGB color is a color system that allows artists to produce millions of different colors from three basic colors - red, green, and blue.

RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue. The standard RGB color model is made up of three additive primaries: red, green, and blue. In this system, a primary color can be mixed with pure white to create secondary hues.

The RGB model is represented in the form of triadic colors in which the three axes are the same length. This means that the distance between a point on one axis and another point on the other two axes are equal

The HSL color format is a numerical specification of the color whose hue, saturation, and lightness are represented by the values encoded.

The HSL color format is commonly used to specify colors on computer monitors and digital devices such as smartphones. This format was introduced in the WebCGM specification for HTML5.

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