Morse Code Translator With Sound

Morse Code

Morse Code is a form of communication to send messages over long distances. The code is often used in emergency situations when using voice or telephones is not an option. Morse Code uses dots and dashes that are sent by the operator pressing on the key, which then transmits to another operator at the other end of the transmission. These dots and dashes are translated into readable letters, words, and phrases.

The Morse code was invented in 1838 by Samuel Morse, who used it for telegraph messages. The speed at which the dots and dashes are sent over the transmission line gradually increases, moving from one letter to another, until the complete message is spelled out.

Understanding the morse code is a skill all pilots are expected to have in their repertoire. It was developed in the 1800s but continues to be used today for over-the-air radio transmissions because it can operate at greater distances than voice transmissions.

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