Online Microphone Test

Use this microphone test to check if your microphone is properly set up and working;

  1. Click the 'Start' button.
  2. Click 'Allow' if you see a question in the browser.
  3. You should then hear whatever you say into the microphone.
  4. To end the test, click the 'Stop' button or refresh the page.

A microphone is a tool that typically serves as an audio input to your computer. It is often used for voice recordings and video conferences.

Every mic in the world has a different sound quality. Some mics are too sensitive and pick up background noise which leads to an echo when listening back to your recording. Other mics are not sensitive enough and you end up speaking too loudly into them by default. The best way to deal with this is to do a test mic check beforehand.

A microphone test is a short test that can identify if they are challenges with your microphone or its configuration.

Some of the benefits of a microphone test are:

- Helps to test the audio quality from the microphone.

- Helps to identify mic directionality problems.

- Provides feedback on how much noise is picked up in a specific area.

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