RGB & HEX Color Picker

The RGB color format is a standard for displaying colors on a computer monitor. It was introduced as a way to replicate the colors humans see in the physical world. The RGB color system divides visible light into 3 channels, Red, Green and Blue, which correspond to different wave lengths of color radiation. In the RGB color system, each channel can have 256 possible values for intensity, which leads to a grand total of 16.7 million possible colors.

A hexadecimal color code, also known as hex code, is a 6-digit or 3-digit code used to identify a specific palette of color that is then used in web design. Hexadecimal codes are usually displayed in the format of three pairs of 2 digits, for example FFFFFF for white. A hex code can be specified anywhere on the web by prefixing it with the pound or number sign (#).

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