Online CSV Viewer

A CSV file is typically made up of two things: a comma-separated row and a comma-separated column.

CSV is a plain text file that stores data in rows and columns.

The first line of CSV must be the column headers, differentiating each column of data. All other lines are considered data rows, defining what information goes in each column. The row in a CSV is called "field," and the column is called "record." There are no header rows.

Each row is in turn made up of fields, which contain text or numbers that correspond to columns in the table. For example, if we wanted to store people's names, ages, and sex, we could create three fields titled "Name," "Age," and "Gender." The first field would be filled with the person's name, the second field with their age, and the third with their gender.

Each column is in turn made up of records corresponding to rows in the table. 

CSV files are often used to import or export datasets between various programs, or to store tabular data, such as a database export.

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