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Ping pong, or table tennis, is a sport that is popular among both professional and amateur players. It has been around since the 19th century when it appeared in England.

However, it has evolved over time with new styles and variants.

It is a sport where two players (one to serve and one to return) bounce an object back and forth across a net, trying to keep the ball in play. Players use paddles to hit the ball back and forth, which have been adapted for different types of surfaces.

Ping pong is a popular sport in the world. Some people argue that it is not as popular as it used to be because of the rise of tennis and other sports.

Ping pong remains an immensely popular sport in China, where it was invented. It is still seen as a national sport by many countries around the world.

The game is quite popular and has been featured in various movies, animated series, video games, and other TV shows.

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