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How this works

Think of everything you do before, during, & after work. Travel, going out to lunch, conferences, coffee, gas, time to decompress and relieve stress after work, substances to relieve stress... Basically, if you have to do it or buy because of work, it counts as a work-related expense.

This exercise will show you how much money you are really taking home from work.

How much time do you spend beautifying each morning? In minutes
(Make up, hair, shaving, beard styling...)

If you shave 2x a week (5 mins to shave = 10 mins a week = 2 minutes averaged over a 5 day work week)

Your Real Hourly Wage is....

# Dollars an Hour
Before Taxes...
This exercise is meant to get you thinking about how much energy and time is used by work.

The real wage is the amount of goods and services someone can purchase when they are paid. If wages are increased, but prices for goods remain the same, the real wage increases. Conversely, if wages stay the same but prices increase, the real wage decreases.

Americans are earning less than they were in the 1970s. For example, real wages for workers without college degrees have fallen by about 10% over 40 years. This has led to the growing income gap. Lower-income Americans are no longer able to afford basic necessities, like shelter, because their wages are not enough to pay for them.

This calculator looks at your real wage from a socio-economic perspective. It considers all the cost implications of activities that you do in order to get to work as well as the opportunity cost of exhaustion from work. It helps put into perspective the time and energy consumed by your work.

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