Age-Related Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

What is your sex? (used for specific calculations)
Traditional: 220 - age
Gellish: 206.9 - .67 x age
Gellish2: 191.5 - .007 x age^2
Fairbarn (male): 208 - .8 x age
Fairbarn (female): 201 - .63 x age
Tanaka: 208 - .7 x age

The maximum heart rate calculator is used to calculate the maximum heart rate on the basis of age, weight, and/or gender. It also indicates the target zone for a healthy exercise regimen.

Heart health can be achieved by monitoring your maximum heart rate with a functional activity tracker or by keeping track of your daily physical activity and resting heart rates with a wearable like Fitbit or Apple Watch.

The maximum heart rate is the highest heart rate that can be sustained for an extended period. It is the highest of the three types of cardiovascular fitness - aerobic, anaerobic, and cardiac.

Aerobic means your body uses oxygen to break down glucose and produce ATP, while anaerobic means no oxygen is used in the breakdown process so it is very high intensity. Cardiac fitness is also high intensity but it involves using your heart muscles to pump blood.

Many people believe the maximum heart rate is 220-age. This is not true. The maximum heart rate is dependent on many factors including age, sex, fitness level, and muscle mass. Additionally, women have lower heart rates than men of the same age because they have less muscle mass and more fat. Finally, the average person's maximum heart rate decreases with age after about age 25.

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