Escape HTML Symbols and Entities

To help enable the display of code examples on web pages.

Replaces < > and & with &lt; &gt; and &amp; then copies the result to the clipboard.

When a web page is written, it is encoded in HTML.

Sometimes, the author needs to use symbols from other languages or special characters for emphasis. If any of these characters are not encoded as HTML entities, then they will show up as an actual character. This could cause rendering problems on some browsers and may result in security flaws as well.

A common example of this is using a non-English language with accents on the vowels. By encoding these letters as entities, the author can avoid rendering problems and potential security risks with their content.

This free tool, however, replaces <, >, and &. This makes your code not render and be visible. It is great for coding tutorials to show code examples.

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