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  • For text to morse code, input your text in the upper textbox and click 'To Code' button.
  • For Morse code to text, input the morse code in the lower textbox and click 'To Word' button.
  • Click the 'Play' button if you want to play the morse code sound.

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Morse Code

Morse code is an encoding scheme used to transmit text messages by using a series of on-off tones, typically spaced apart by 1/4 second durations. The name comes from Samuel Morse, the inventor. It has been used extensively in the past for communication, but now has mostly been replaced with more advanced communication systems.

It is a system of symbols used for transmitting information without the need for an artificial signal, such as smoke or sound waves. It was developed in 1838 by Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail to conduct long-distance communication through existing telegraph lines. Nowadays it is still used by amateur radio operators for fun or to talk with people on ships or aircraft that do not use any other form of aerial navigation aids.

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