Generate A Color From Any String/Text.

Type in the box below any random string:
     - The left box will be a unique color generated from the string
     - The right box will be the closest color in the material-ui palette

Unique Color
Closest in Material-UI Palette

This is a fun tool for designers and developers to generate colors from strings.

Colors are an important aspect of design. Many designers will create palettes and colors to use in their designs, but it is not always easy to create colors from a string.

Color is a fundamental part of our perception. It's an important part of the human experience. We see it in everything from the way we feel, to the way we dress, to the way we look and even in how we interact with each other and with our surroundings.

The use of colors has been a subject of research for centuries, but it was only in recent times humans have been able to generate a vast array of color shades and hues.

The color wheel is a common visual example for this concept as well as color palettes. In addition to these two types of color wheels, there are also many other forms such as hue maps and hue graphs which are used by different people for different purposes.

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