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Rich Text Editor is an editor that supports a wide range of text-related tasks, such as formatting text, creating and editing text files, hyperlinks, e-mail attachments, and web pages.

In other words, a Rich Text Editor is a kind of software that provides text formatting and editing options. It is also capable of handling graphics and other objects.

The word "Rich" in Rich Text Editor means that the software has embedded document markup. The main feature of Rich Text Editors is the ability to embed HTML tags and styles into plain text documents. This allows authors to add extra content such as images, tables, or multimedia elements to their documents.

Rich Text Editors are used for writing emails, blog posts, or newsletters but are also used by programmers for coding purposes. It is recommended for those who need the flexibility of a Rich Text Editor with all the features of a WYSIWYG editor like Microsoft Word.

Rich text editors are used by professional journalists, students, teachers, professors, and many other industries.

There are two types of Rich Text Editors - WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editors, which provide visual output, and code editors. The former type is more commonly used on web-based applications while the latter is more popular in desktop environments.

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