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A stopwatch is used to time events, usually in sports. It is also a tool used by athletes to conduct warm-ups and other speed or endurance training.

The stopwatch was invented by Samuel Watson. The first production stopwatch had metal gear works, a metal gear train for the barrel, and a trigger mechanism.

Stopwatches use a count-up mechanism that measures elapsed time. It is a type of clockwork device that can measure and display the duration of an event in minutes or seconds. 

Stopwatches are useful for timing events that occur regularly, such as 100-meter sprints, races, and football games.

Stopwatches are used to measure how long it takes a person or an activity to finish. They are used in a wide variety of disciplines such as time management, sports, and academic studies.

In the fitness industry, stopwatches can be used to monitor progress and find improvements in timing. In the business world, they are commonly used to measure turnaround times as well as throughput, especially in manufacturing.

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