Bra Size Equivalent Calculator

Use this bra size calculator to find the equivalent bra size in various countries

32A 32AA 85A 10AA 70A
32B 32A 85B 10A 70B
32C 32B 85C 10B 70C
32D 32C 85D 10C 70D
32DD 32D 85DD 10D 70DD
34A 34AA 90A 12AA 75A
34B 34A 90B 12A 75B
34C 34B 90C 12B 75C
34D 34C 90D 12C 75D
34DD 34D 90DD 12D 75DD
34E 34DD 90E 12DD 75E
36A 36AA 95A 14AA 80A
36B 36A 95B 14A 80B
36C 36B 95C 14B 80C
36D 36C 95D 14C 80D
36DD 36DD 95E 14D 80DD
36E 36DD 100A 14DD 80E
38A 38AA 100B 16AA 85A
38B 38A 100C 16B 85B
38C 38B 100D 16A 85C
38D 38C 100DD 16C 85D
38DD 38D 100E 16D 85DD
38E 38DD 105A 16DD 85E
40B 40A 105B 18A 90B

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Bra?

The benefits of wearing a bra vary depending on the type and material of the bra. There are many reasons why you should wear a bra and many benefits to be had.

The first and most important benefit is your own health. Bras provide support to breasts that help maintain a youth appearance as well as prevent health problems such as sagging skin, bad posture, back pain, and shoulder pain.

A second benefit is that bras put less pressure on your ribs and spine, which can relieve aches and pains such as those associated with pregnancy, arthritis, or fibromyalgia. They also help prevent muscle pain from developing due to lack of exercise or weight gain.

Thirdly, bras make it easy to breathe by lifting up your breasts and opening up your rib cage so you can take in more air.

How to Choose the Right Bra for Your Body Type

It is important to know the different types of bras and how they should fit your body type to get the best fit.

There are three different types of bras: underwire, non-underwire, and sports bras. The way that they work is that non-underwire bras do not have a wire under the fabric which helps them keep their shape. Sports bras use compression fabrics to keep their shape while underwire bras rely on wire support for this function. There are also adjustable straps to help provide more or less support depending on your needs.

How to Clean Your Bras So They Last Longer

Bras are beneficial to most woman, but they are also susceptible to wear and tear. When you wash your bras, make sure to follow these steps to make them last longer.

Wash your bras in cool water with mild soap rather than hot water and avoid using bleach or fabric softener as they can weaken the elasticity of the bra.

It is also important that you dry your bras before you store them.

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