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What is the Maximum Heart Rate?

A maximum heart rate is the highest number of heartbeats that a person's heart can produce in one minute.

The maximum heart rate, also called the MHR, is typically calculated as; 220 minus your age in years (220-Age).

An MHR test requires you to run on a treadmill or use another form of exercise for two minutes or until you reach your max heart rate. Your MHR is calculated by taking the average of your highest beats per minute over that period.

How to Calculate Maximum Heart Rate (HR)

The maximum heart rate formula is the following: 220-age.

220-age = maximum heart rate, or MHR.

This formula is used to calculate the maximum heart rate of an individual. Sometimes people will use a different formula, but the above formula is a simple and typical one that is used.

How to Calculate Resting Heart Rate (RHR)?

What is the resting heart rate?

A person's resting heart rate is the number of times their heartbeats per minute while they are at rest. This number can change depending on a person's health and how fit they are.

How to calculate your resting heart rate?

To calculate your resting heart rate, count the number of beats in 10 seconds and multiply by 6. This will give you a rough estimate.

For example, if you counted 12 beats in those 10 seconds, then your RHR would be 72 BPM.

What Determines Max Heart Rate?

The maximum heart rate is the highest number of times your heart will beat in one minute. The average max heart rate is around 205, but it can be higher or lower depending on age and gender. Max heart rate is generally determined by the following factors:

- Age: Max heart rate generally decreases with age due to changes in physiological functions such as decreased oxygen-carrying capacity which leads to a reduction in aerobic capacity.

- Gender: Males usually have a higher max heart rate than females after puberty due to their increased lean muscle mass and larger hearts.

- Genetics: Individuals with high max heart rates often have family members with similar levels of fitness and cardiovascular health.

- Training: A well-trained individual will see an increase in their max heart rate over time as they become fitter.

How High is the Average Max Heart Rate for Men?

The average max heart rate for men is higher than that of a woman. This is particularly the case with women who are aged between 20 and 30 years old. The average max heart rate of a woman in this age bracket is about 160 beats per minute while the average max heart rate of a man in the same age group is around 168 beats per minute.

In general, men have an increased maximum heart rate when compared to women. In addition, the difference in maximum heart rates between men and women becomes more pronounced as people get older.

How High is the Average Max Heart Rate for Women?

It is no secret that men and women have different body compositions. Men have more muscle mass than women and this means that their heart rate will be higher as well.

The average max heart rate for men is 185 bpm while the average max hr for women is 163 bpm.

Aerobic Training and How it Affects Your Max HR

A maximum heart rate is the highest number of heartbeats that a person's heart can produce in one minute.

Max HR is typically calculated by subtracting age from 220, and the MHR is then expressed as a percent of this number.

Aerobic Training: Aerobic exercise includes cardio activities like jogging, running, cycling, swimming, etc.

Aerobic training is an exercise that requires your body to use oxygen to produce energy. This type of exercise is generally long-duration and low-intensity. Examples of aerobic training are biking, running, or swimming.

Aerobic training affects your max hr by improving the efficiency of the mitochondria in your cells. Drastically increasing your max hr can be achieved by training at an altitude that forces you to breathe harder.

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