Percentage Calculator For Discounts


Percent is a mathematical term that represents parts out of 100. It is used to show percentages for fractions, populations, profit margins, etc. In a sentence about a population, a number might be given as "25% of the population has diabetes." In this case, 25 people out of every 100 have diabetes.

Percentages are used in different fields, most popularly in finance. A percentage is a ratio that can be expressed in one of three ways: As a fraction (e.g. 90/100), as a decimal (e.g. 0.9), or as a percent (e.g. 90%). 

Percentages are often used to express discounts or surcharges for various services. For example, when food goes on sale for 50% off, the percentage represents the discount on the original price.

We will give a suggestion on how to use percentage for discounts. First, start by choosing a price point that you would like the final price to be. For example, if you want the final price to be $80, and your starting price is $100. Then, the $20 removed would represent a 20% discount.

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