Find Age from Date of Birth

What is the Average Age in Different Countries/Cultures?

The average age has been increasing worldwide over the years. This is attributed to the fact that more people are living longer. Most of these countries have seen an increase in the average age because they have a decreasing death rate.

The average age in different cultures is influenced by numerous factors such as economic development, health care, education, and religious beliefs among others.

What is the Difference Between Birthdays and Birthdates?

The difference between these two events, birthdates and birthdays, is the date. Birthdays are for celebrating one's birthday and celebrating somebody’s life. A birthday is a celebration of the day a person was born.

Birthdates are a timestamp that denotes when somebody was born. They often refer to the day of the month as well as the year for those who were born on a specific date. Birthdate is the exact date a person was born.

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